Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are now running our classes online. Contact us to learn more about our home based learning program.

Let your child be the center of their education.

We are a Montessori School located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Providing modern education for kids aged 2–6 years old.

a child learning to sweep the floor
a child placing back a Montessori tray to rack after using it

Why Montessori

A modern approach to education

Based on a strong scientific foundation, the Montessori Methodology is now regarded as one of the few modern breakthrough in education.

students learning to pour water using Montessori materials

Freedom and independence at its core

Children move through the class freely, making their own decisions on what to do and learn. Education revolves around what the children need, not what teachers want.

students helping each other to learn about plants

Collaborative and social environment

Montessori uses open mixed-age classroom that encourages children to collaborate and help each other learn. Providing them with the chance to learn and grow socially.

students helping each other to learn about plants

Promotes self exploration and creativity

Montessori gives children the independence they need to explore by them self. Allowing them to learn faster and be more creative.

About Our School

Calm and Inviting

Our classrooms are designed to invite children to find their interest and learn to interact with each other, comfortably and without distractions.

a student playing with pillows

Designed to feel like home

Friendly and comfortable, our classrooms are made to make children feels welcomed, just like at home.

two students learning about volumes and dimensions using Montessori's pink tower and brown stairs set works

Arranged for Discovery

An open space, with learning materials surrounding the class. Our classrooms encourage children to explore freely.

a student learning to fasten clothes using Montessori's dressing frame

Devoted to the Montessori philosophy

Our program provides self driven and hands on learning experience which help students develop independence, inner discipline and social skill.

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